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Alumni Newsletter
Economics and Management
February 2, 2016

You, our alumni, are our most important ambassadors and we greatly value strengthening our relation and supporting you in your professional life by offering opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills and network. Each year the network grows and many of you support us by volunteering your time or donating to for example scholarships. This year alumni gave Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam, MSc Finance), Kshitiz Dahal (Nepal, MSc Economics) and Mertcan Akyürek (Turkey, MSc Economics) the opportunity to study at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. In February and March we again hope to connect with many of you to update you on current events, hear what’s happening in your life and solicit your support for our school. You can read more about the campaign on our website. We look forward to talking to you!
Kind regards,
Lex Meijdam, Dean Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Back to Campus: May 19
Hold the date for the next alumni event on May 19, 2016. The theme is entrepreneurship and Professor Geert Duijsters will be amongst the speakers. More information will be available soon!
Alumnus in the spotlight
Bachelorvoorlichtingsdagen Frank Klemann studied Economics and graduated in 1991. After an entrepreneurial career at the Rabobank, he founded his company ‘Tulpfietsen’ in 2010.

“It is extremely satisfying to be an entrepreneur and to bear the risks that come with it. There is a big difference between being entrepreneurial and being an entrepreneur.” Read more
Expand your knowledge
Every now and then it is good to realize the education you received is of the highest quality and the value of your degree continues to grow as Tilburg University is ranked in the top 2% of the world. Read more
In addition, Tilburg University is the best Dutch specialist university in the Elsevier Ranking and the fastest riser in the Keuzegids  with 7 Master programs in economics ranked #1 or #2.  

New Research
Ordering food by iPads leads to healthier choices is one of the conclusions of research conducted by Anne-Kathrin Klesse, Assistant Professor of Marketing with co-aothors at Stanford and Maastricht University. Read more

A new paper by researchers Alberto Manconi, Emanuele Rizzo, and Oliver Spalt, ‘Diversity Investing’, provides more evidence supporting the case for diverse executive teams and its effect on stock returnsRead more

Economist and theologian Johan Graafland and VU University Amsterdam philosopher Govert Buijs receive a John Templeton Grant (€ 2.2 million) to conduct research into economic indicators, with a focus on moral values like ‘honesty’ rather than on variables like ‘profit maximization’.
Read more

Consumers prefer name-brand over store brand products through lack of information. This was shown by a large-scale study in the United States by the Tilburg economist Bart Bronnenberg and colleagues of the University of Chicago, published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Read more

Household energy consumption is decreasing thanks to energy efficiency policies but, as a result of the lower energy bill, consumers use more energy. The effect is that approximately one third of the energy efficiency gains is cancelled out. This is concluded by economist Erdal Aydin in his PhD thesis.  Read more
More information on research by our faculty members can be found on the website.
Expand your Network

Alumni News
Recent graduates received best thesis awards: Thomas Heutinck (International Management), Mark van Zuijlen (Marketing), Maik van Vugt (Menlo Thesis Award Supply Chain Management), Bart Roefs (Strategic Management). Also, at the Dies in November Kim Timmer received the Tilburg University Best Master’s Thesis Award and Hoa Liang received the Tilburg University Best PhD Award. Congratulations, we are proud to welcome you in our alumni community!

Several alumni have been helping us promoting Tilburg University and our programs by sharing their career experiences in a video. Thank you Kimberly van ‘t Sant, Erin Hermsen, Jasper van der Rijt (Marketing),  Doga Taskinsu, Sanne Huisman, Lawrence Hasselbainck (International Management), Femke van der Coelen, Dorus Dortmans, Amy Schelfhout (Accounting).

During the past months TiSEM alumni updating contact details had a chance of winning a Tilburg University sweater. Thanks to all alumni responding and congratulations to Bertine van Hoorn, Chris van Merode and Guus Groote Schaarsberg winning the sweaters!
Of course it is still possible and greatly appreciated to update your contact details.

School News
Associate Professor Accounting Stephan Hollander received one of the Teaching Innovation Awards with his Animated Video Presentations. Read more 

Professor Marnik Dekimpe has been awarded the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award 2016Read more

Four researchers from Tilburg University (TiSEM) are in the top 10 of the annual ESB ranking of economists and their contributions to science: Jaap Abbring (#4), Rik Pieters (#5), Arthur van Soest (#7), and Jan van Ours (#10). Eleven researchers from Tilburg are included in the Top 40. Tilburg University achieved the highest impact score in the ESB Institute Ranking. For more information on the results, please see the ESB website.
Past Events

On September 24, we organized an event for students promoting our Mentor Program. This university-wide program offers third-year Bachelor & Master students support from alumni in preparation to entering for the labor market. Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Please take a look at the website.

Together with alumni, Tilburg University organized Back to Campus: Van Lanschot Connection for alumni with a connection to Van Lanschot or Kempen & Co on September 29.  Alumni enjoyed re-connecting and participating in discussions with professor Harald Benink, alumnus Berry van Gool, Managing Director at Willem II and Karl Guha, CEO at Van Lanschot.

On 8 October 2015 Tilburg University organized Back to Campus: Data Science.  Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts opened the event and lectures were given by Professors Corien Prins and Bart Bronnenberg; alumni Geoffrey van Meer Manager Consumer Intelligence at RTL Nederland and Alexander van Eerden, Founder and CEO at Building Blocks. Almost 300 alumni participated and pictures can be viewed here.

On November 19, Tilburg University welcomed back graduates of the Class of 1988. Reason for this reunion was the 88th Dies Natalis of the University. Alumni were welcomed with a lunch, followed by visit to the DAF Technology Lab on campus.
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