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Alumni Newsletter
Economics and Management
22 september 2015
Dear alumni,

A few weeks ago academic year 2015-2016 started with 20% more students from all over the world, including the three international students who received a scholarship funded by alumni. Huong, Kshitiz and Mertcan are very excited to have been offered this opportunity and we are proud of our alumni making this possible. We wish all our students the best and look forward to welcoming them into our alumni community upon graduation!
Kind regards,
Lex Meijdam, Dean Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Back to Campus: Data Science
Registration for the alumni event on Data Science on Thursday evening 8 October 2015 is still open. Professors Corien Prins and Bart Bronnenberg and alumni Geoffrey van Meer, Manager Consumer Intelligence at RTL Nederland and Alexander van Eerden, Founder and CEO at Building Blocks will share their thoughts and experiences. Rector Magnificus Professor Emile Aarts is opening  and chairing the event. Read more, see who’s coming and register

More events, for example Back to Campus: Van Lanschot Connection, are listed in the calendar to the right.
Alumnus in the spotlight
Bachelorvoorlichtingsdagen Theo Kocken graduated in 1993 in Econometrics and Operations Research. After 10 years of risk management for several banks, he founded his company, Cardano, in 2000. He also produced a documentary on the economic crisis, which will be shown on campus during Night University on October 1st. Read more

Alumni Association VvTE is put in the Spotlight for inviting all alumni (members and non-members) to an inspiring event on November 5 featuring Maarten van Rossem. Read more and register
Expand your knowledge
Are you thinking about continuing your education?  Development is a lifelong process, both on a personal as well as on a professional level. Tilburg University provides fascinating courses to keep developing yourself. Read more

If you have children in elementary school groups 6, 7 or 8, they too can take classes at Tilburg University! Read more (in Dutch)

New Research
CEO’s gamble with shareholders money. CEOs of conglomerates are trusting heavily on their 'gut feeling' when it comes to investment decisions. A new study by Oliver Spalt, Professor of Behavioral Finance, finds that by doing so, they are destroying shareholder value. At the cost of more rational options, CEOs are attracted to investments characterized by a small chance to win a big prize (‘long shots’). Read more

Love conquers all but nicotine: no spousal peer effects on the decision to quit smoking,  Ali Palali learned while investigating in his dissertation the effects of the quit decision of one partner on the other. Read more

More information on research by our faculty members can be found on the website.
Expand your Network

Alumni News
Several alumni participated in the opening of the Academic Year “Advancing Society” in the auditorium. Thank you for sharing your stories, Alexander Nijdam, Marieke Franken and Harmen van Heist!

Several recent graduates received the Excellence Scholarship, a grant scholarship that outstanding students can use to follow a Master’s program abroad, or a Research Master’s at Tilburg University. Congratulations to Chris Gong, Caroline van Laarhoven, Manon Lavrijsen, Suping Chen, Jesse van Hamont, Roweno Wan, Bart Ruigrok and Manon Struijs

School News
Professor Els Gijsbrechts and PhD researcher Jonne Guyt have won the MOA Science Prize 2015 for their article ‘Take Turns or March in Sync? The Impact of the National Brand Promotion Calendar on Manufacturer and Retailer Performance’.

Assistant Professor Anne-Kathrin Klesse was awarded the VENI grand. In her research The impact of expression modalities (speaking versus manual activities) on decision making she predicts, for instance, that speaking triggers more impulsive decisions and reduces individuals’ tendency to save money. The ultimate goal is to understand differences between these expression modalities and to derive managerial implications and public policy recommendations.
Past Events

At the end of June we welcomed selected alumni back to campus for a dinner with the management team to thank them for their contributions or to re-connect. Vice Dean Research Geert Duysters presented his research on successful collaboration after which dinner was served in Auberge du Bonheur. Several alumni also attended the Tilburg University Summer School lecture Choices leaders make: stories of identity, risk and truth. This lecture was provided by TIAS Professor Erik van de Loo

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